We are an award-winning Liverpool-based law firm, who have gained recognition for our dedication to assisting tenants in holding their landlords accountable for housing disrepairs. We specialise in a wide range of legal services including criminal, civil, commercial litigation, family law and notably, housing disrepair claims, and are renowned for our values-driven approach and dedication to client success. 

What is Classed as Disrepair? 

Housing disrepair refers to a condition where a rented property is not being adequately maintained. This can range from structural issues, such as leaky roofs or cracked walls, to internal problems like faulty heating systems, damp, and mould growth, or broken sanitary fittings. The law requires that properties be kept in a habitable state, ensuring the safety and well-being of tenants. When these conditions are not met, it constitutes housing disrepair. 



Landlord’s Responsibilities 

Landlords are legally obligated to ensure that the property a tenant lives in is in a good state of repair. This includes maintaining the structure and exterior of the house (walls, roof, external doors, and windows), ensuring that the supply of water, gas, electricity, sanitation (basins, sinks, baths, and sanitary conveniences), and heating and hot water are working efficiently. It’s essential for landlords to address and rectify any faults or damages when they arise to prevent harm or inconvenience to their tenants. 

Making a Claim with Astraea Linskills 

We have developed a comprehensive process for handling housing disrepair claims. Here’s how you can proceed with making a claim through our expert legal team: 

  1. Initial Consultation: Reach out to us through our website or contact information provided online. We offer consultations to understand your situation and assess the viability of your claim. 
  1. Evidence Gathering: Document all instances of disrepair, including photographs, records of communication with your landlord, and any receipts for expenses incurred due to the disrepair. Our legal team will guide you on the specific evidence needed to strengthen your case. 
  1. Legal Representation: Once your case is accepted, we will represent you, handling all legal proceedings. Our team, who have a wealth of experience in housing disrepair claims against Social Housing landlords, will work diligently on your behalf. 
  1. Resolution:   The purpose of your claim housing disrepair claim is to ensure your landlord carries out all necessary repairs to your property enabling you to live in a property free from disrepair.  You may also be entitled to compensation for any harm or inconvenience suffered. 

Choosing Astraea Linskills for your housing disrepair claims ensures you have a dedicated and experienced legal team on your side. Our expertise, particularly in dealing with Social Housing landlords, positions us as a leading choice for tenants seeking justice for housing disrepairs. With a track record of successful outcomes and recognition as one of Liverpool’s fastest-growing law firms, we demonstrate our commitment to upholding tenant rights and ensuring landlords fulfil their legal obligations. 

Tenants suffering from housing disrepairs do not need to feel powerless. With the right legal support, it’s possible to hold landlords accountable and achieve the living conditions you are legally entitled to. 


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