As World Refugee Day approaches on 20th June, the team at  Astraea Linskills  have not only given up their time and legal expertise to support those caught up in the Ukrainian international crisis, but founding director, Nama Zarroug, has opened up her home to a young family fleeing the war zone. The fast growing law  firm, based on Castle Street,  has worked tirelessly in conjunction with the multiple relevant authorities to secure the safe passage of the family they are supporting.

Nama Zarroug, said “Watching the disaster in Ukraine unfold the board of directors were unanimous in our desire to help in any way possible.  UN statistics show that every minute of the day 20 people leave everything they own behind to escape war, persecution or terror, and the crisis in Ukraine has served to focus on the devastating consequences for those who flee their homeland. As a family we have embraced the addition of our Ukrainian friends into our home and are seeking to support them in various ways including the inception of English classes for Ukrainians which are taking place in my home weekly as well as helping them to secure employment”

World Refugee Day is an international day observed annually on June 20th by the United Nations. It is intended to remember and honour refugees from all over the world. On average 42,500 people per day flee their homes to seek protection within the borders of their own country or other countries. The day was first observed on June 20, 2001, to recognise the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. World Refugee Day is an opportunity to promote empathy and understanding for their plight, as well as to recognise their courage in restoring their lives.

Nama continued, “As a legal team we are proud of our swift response to offer assistance, as a family we just felt that it was the right thing to do.  We are grateful also to those who have worked with us, especially Love Wavertree who are facilitating the English classes for Ukrainians.  To see a young family of refugees thriving in our home and in our community is something incredibly special”.



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