At Astraea Linskills, we understand that navigating through a divorce can be one of life’s most challenging experiences, especially when children are involved. The upheaval brought by the separation process not only affects the parents but deeply impacts the children too. Recognising this, our family law team places the welfare of children at the heart of everything we do, guiding parents through the complex landscape of child arrangements with sensitivity and legal acumen. 

Understanding Child Arrangements 

Child arrangements are a central aspect of family law that deals with where the children will live and how they will continue to maintain a relationship with both parents after a divorce. These arrangements are crucial to ensuring that the child’s welfare is prioritised, supporting their development and emotional well-being during and after the transition. 

Our family law solicitors at Astraea Linskills have years of experience in advising and assisting clients on creating child arrangements that serve the best interests of the child. We believe in working closely with our clients, understanding their unique situations, and providing tailored advice that respects the needs of everyone involved. 


The Importance of Mediation

Before considering court intervention, we advocate for mediation as the initial step for couples. Mediation offers a platform for both parties to discuss and mutually agree on the best steps forward regarding child arrangements. This collaborative approach encourages a more amicable resolution, often resulting in agreements that are more satisfactory and sustainable in the long term.

However, we recognise that there are instances where mediation may not lead to an agreement. In such cases, either party can apply for a court order that legally binds them to specific child arrangements. Our expert team is proficient in navigating these legal waters, ensuring that your rights and your child’s welfare are rigorously represented and protected.

Adhering to Child Arrangement Orders

Child arrangement orders are legally binding. Failing to comply with them can lead to legal consequences. It’s imperative to understand the gravity of these orders and the importance of adhering to them. At Astraea Linskills, we provide comprehensive guidance on what constitutes a breach and support our clients through any necessary legal proceedings to amend or enforce an order.


Our Approach

At Astraea Linskills, we pride ourselves on our sensitive and confidential service. We are committed to placing children’s welfare at the forefront of our practice, ensuring that all decisions made during the divorce process serve their best interests. Our team of experts listens attentively, advises wisely, and acts diligently to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and their families.

Divorce and separation are undoubtedly difficult, but with Astraea Linskills by your side, you have a partner who understands the nuances of family law and is dedicated to ensuring that your child’s welfare remains paramount. If you are facing challenges with child arrangements or any aspect of family law, reach out to us for a free initial consultation. Together, we can navigate this complex process, ensuring that your child’s future is bright, secure, and happy.

For more information on how we can assist you with child arrangements and other family law matters, contact Astraea Linskills today, and allow us to guide you through this critical time with expertise and compassion.

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