Early return of your driving licence following a conviction for drink or drug driving

In some circumstances, a Magistrates Court will consider allowing you to get your driving licence back earlier than determined by the original Court who convicted you. We can advise and represent you in making an application to the Court to get your licence back early.

This application must be made in person before the same Court that imposed the original ban and it can only be made if you have been disqualified;

  • For less than four years, and two years have passed
  • Less than 10 years, but not less than four, and half of the period of disqualification has passed or
  • Five years has passed in other cases.

In considering your application, the Court will consider various factors including, but not limited to, your character and personal conduct and/or the nature of the offence for which you were disqualified for. Everyone’s personal situation is different and it is essential that the application presents a persuasive argument for the early reinstatement of your driving licence, all supported by appropriate evidence. We will advise and assist you in preparing the application, and will attend Court with you to present the most compelling argument.

In our experience, Court’s are more open to an application if you can demonstrate a positive and convincing argument as to why you need to drive at this stage (e.g. for a new job) and if you can show that you have addressed any underlying factors that led to the original conviction, so that they can be satisfied that you no longer poses a risk on the roads.

If you have previously made an application for the early return of your driving licence, we can represent you in making a fresh application, as long as 3 months have passed since your previous application.