Contravention of Traffic Signs, red traffic lights or road markings

You may be prosecuted for this type of offence if a Police officer has seen you or your vehicle and believes that an offence has been committed or following detection by an enforcement camera. Equipment error does occur and police officers can make mistakes in their observations so you do not simply have to accept the police case if you believe that you are innocent. This is important as traffic sign, road markings or traffic light offences carry a fine and penalty points. Traffic Rules and Regulations exist to safeguard road users and contravention can lead to prosecution. If for example a camera allegedly detects your vehicle going through a red light, you will receive notification through the post about this offence. Alternatively, these offences can be detected by officers at the scene who can report you for prosecution or arrange for you to be offered a fixed penalty.

The penalties for these offences vary according to the specific factors in your case and can include:

• Three penalty points imposed on your driving licence or the Magistrates can impose a discretionary driving ban. The length of the disqualification would be dependent on the aggravating or mitigating features of the offence.
• A fine of up to £1000;
• If you are a “New Driver” and have been driving for less than two years and already have three points on your licence and three further points are imposed, your licence would be revoked by the DVLA and you would have to retake your test;
• If prior to this case you already had at least nine penalty points live on your driving licence then you will be a “totter”. This means that you will now have at least 12 points and the Magistrates must consider disqualifying you from driving for a minimum of six months. This can be avoided if there are special reasons in law not to impose the penalty points or if a driving ban would cause exceptional hardship to you or those around you. We will advise you whether either of these legal arguments apply. If they are successful, you can avoid points or a disqualification even if you cannot avoid a conviction.

Also, if your contravening a traffic signal, sign or road marking impacts on your driving to a sufficient extent, you could find yourself facing charges of careless or indeed dangerous driving.

We approach every case with tenacity and a forensic attention to detail and we always aim to achieve the most favourable outcome for our clients. Experience has taught us that not everyone is guilty and we will identify where mistakes have been made by the police or prosecuting body and we know how to prepare and present the most robust defence possible in order to protect your driving licence.

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