Why are Cohabitation Agreements important?

If you decide to move in with your partner, you don’t automatically have rights like married couples. This applies even if you’ve lived together for a long time and have children. You may wish to consider one if you decide to have children or get a mortgage. A Cohabitation Agreement can also be drawn up if you’re not romantically linked, such as friends or siblings. It is advisable to take a Cohabitation Agreement out before you move in together; without one, you don’t have many rights. One of our family law solicitors at Astraea Linskills would be delighted to talk you through the main advantages of having an agreement in place and making it

The top five points to consider when putting a Cohabitation Agreement in place

Cohabitation agreements can be a challenging but necessary topic to consider when cohabitating couples move in together. As a UK family law solicitor at Astraea Linskills, I help explain the benefits of cohabitation agreements and what needs to be considered before signing one.

When cohabiting couples are looking at drawing up an agreement, there are a few key points that need to be taken into consideration:

  • The length of the cohabitation period
  • What assets will be included in the agreement – this could consist of property, investments, and bank accounts
  • Clarification of any financial arrangements – this could include how bills will be split and who will pay for any renovations or other costs
  • What happens if the cohabitation ends – this is important to consider in case of separation
  • How disputes between the cohabitants will be resolved – it’s best to devise a plan to manage any disagreements.


cohabitation agreements - Astraea Linskills solicitors Liverpool

Before you draw up an agreement

Before you start, you and your partner or the person you’re cohabiting with should draw up a list of your assets and discuss how they should be divided. Your assets might include property, investments, pension and savings. If you choose Astraea Linskills, we will guide you through what documents you need to make living together a strong agreement. You may be asked about whether you rent or own another property and whose name it is in. A Cohabitation Agreement can also credit any property improvement work that either party has paid for. The cost of getting an agreement in place can vary depending on the level and complexities of the asset base, so  please get in touch with us for a free quotation. Also, don’t forget to contact Astraea Linskills if your circumstances change at any point, such as having children or taking out a new mortgage, as this is likely to change the terms of your agreement.


Cohabitation Agreement Conclusions

A cohabitation agreement can help provide couples much-needed clarity, security, and peace of mind. It can help protect both parties financially and ensure each partner’s rights are respected during separation or death. Discussing cohabitation agreements can feel uncomfortable and overwhelming. Still, it is essential to remember that cohabitation agreements protect both cohabitants and provide the stability cohabiting couples need.

If you have any questions about cohabitation agreements or want advice on drawing up a contract, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Astraea Linskills for a consultation. I am here to help ensure you and your partner are secure in your cohabitating relationship.

I hope this article has helped provide information about cohabitation agreements and what needs to be considered before signing one.



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