Child Arrangements in Divorce: Where do children sit in the legal process?

The family court’s primary concern when governing the legal aspects of a child arrangements order is that the child’s welfare should be paramount throughout.  This applies regardless of whether a child lives with one parent or both parents. We can talk to you about parental responsibility and what it means.


It’s time to mediate

Wherever possible, child arrangements should be agreed upon between both parents, who can decide amicably on the best steps to deliver their care. This can be done with the assistance of legal professionals if required. At Astraea Linskills, we help our clients navigate all aspects of family law, and no case is too complex for our expert team of listeners. Mediation is the initial process that couples should embark upon before considering the courts. This allows both parties to mutually agree on the best steps forward regarding child arrangements without having to lean on the court judge’s decision.  If an agreement cannot be reached, then either party can apply for a court order setting out the child arrangements that they want to be legally binding on them both. When making any decisions about child arrangements, a court will consider the child’s welfare as well as the wishes of both parents and other factors set out in what is termed the “Welfare Checklist”.


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Be careful not to breach a court order

No matter how child arrangements are agreed upon, whether through mediation or court order, all parties need to adhere to them.  Particularly, failure to comply with a child arrangements decision can result in legal action against a parent or guardian if they breach any court orders that are made. Our friendly team of experts at Astraea Linskills can talk you through what constitutes a breach and support you if you return to court to seek an amendment toan order, which is the approach our lawyers will advise you to take.


Trust in our experts

Our family law solicitors at Astraea Linskills have years of experience advising and assisting clients on child arrangements. We understand this is a sensitive area and strive to provide our clients with practical advice tailored to their needs. If you want to learn more about child arrangements and family law in the UK, contact us at Astraea Linskills for a free initial consultation. With our help, you can ensure your child’s welfare remains paramount in any child arrangement decisions and proceedings.


Know your rights

Finally, child arrangements are an important part of family law in the UK. Although child arrangements can be challenging to negotiate and manage, understanding your rights and responsibilities as a parent or guardian is essential when creating the best arrangement for everyone involved. With expert advice from Astraea Linskills’ family law solicitors, you can ensure that your child’s welfare remains paramount while protecting your interests at the same time. Contact Us today to learn how we can help you navigate the child arrangements process.


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